Water Damage Repair Is a Job For Professionals

Don’t Try To Do It Yourself

If you need emergency water removal, don’t run for the shop vac and think you can handle it. It’s a job for Austin water removal and Austin water damage experts. We have the training and the technology to do it right, do it fast and get life back to normal. Call us!

Disaster Recovery in Austin

For both home and businesses in Austin, disaster recovery after water damage is not for amateurs. While shop vacuums can handle minor, localized spills, they are insufficient to handle the devastating effects that can arise when water emergencies occur. ATEX Water Damage Restoration is fully equipped to handle such situations.

Such Disastrous Situations Include the Following:

• Leaking washing machines
• Indoor sprinkler systems
• Failure of hot water heater
• Pipes that freeze or burst
• Flooding due to excessive rain

Trained Professionals

Our trained professionals work quickly to lessen the potential damage caused by any of these factors. They can help rescue flooring and possessions that have already been drenched, as well as evaluate potentially compromised air quality and building structures. By employing the professional services of ATEX Water Damage Restoration, you can be certain that your space is free of safety and health-related hazards that can be caused by water damage.

The Total Process

In the process of assessing and responding to any damage that has occurred, our professional technicians can communicate directly with your own insurance, and the Austin Apartment Association. Also recognized by the Better Business Bureau and part of the Travis County and Austin Chamber of Commerce, we value our reputation within our community.When water damage threatens the value and integrity your property in Austin, disaster recovery is possible through
ATEX Water Damage Restoration. Please call today to speak with a professional technician about your inspection and assessment needs.

The Dos and Don’ts of Disaster Recovery:

• Don’t remove water with an ordinary household vacuum cleaner. It can be dangerous.
• When standing on wet carpet or floors, don’t use electrical appliances.
• If the electricity is still on, don’t enter rooms where there is standing water; it could carry a shock.